The Truth about Hot Flashes!

This booklet is a wake up call for women 45+ to remember they are entering the best stage of their life! Sylvia shares the myth and truth about the menopause and gives tips on how to reduce the hot flashes.

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Powerful Elegance Is The New Trend

This self-help book is for every conscious woman: whether as a reminder for each woman who has done work on herself before, or as a starter kit for the woman who arrives at a point in her life that she needs support to break through certain habits in order to move on.

This book offers a simple and practical 21 day journey to reclaim the inner Modern Goddess; the woman who has embodied elegance in her thoughts, words and actions. The Modern Goddess who knows that she is a leader with a positive outlook on the world and the responsibility to serve the younger generations as role model.

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Unplug Your Mind

In “Unplug Your Mind!” readers will discover telepathically received messages from the higher intelligent mind to support and awaken the human family in releasing fear and old limitations of emotional and mental ties so that trust, love and peace become a sustainable state for humanity.

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Holistic Animal Welfare Program 1

The Holistic Animal Welfare Program (HAWP) has been created to educate mankind to the urgency and importance to care, respect, communicate and protect the animal kingdom for the sake of universal equilibrium and the restoration of balance on planet Earth. This program is unique; it offers quantum healing tools through the Sacred Codes of AH and the use of the original Bach Flower remedies.

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Soul Made! A Woman's Journey Into Her Golden Years

This is the story of the author’s journey through the menopause. She was married when she started the pre-menopause period and continued this journey as a divorced and single woman exploring, healing and rejoicing all facets of life.

Available in 2021

holistic animal welfare program 2.0

The Holistic Animal Welfare Program 2.0 is an updated version of the first book. Highlight of this edition is the adding of a chapter about how to support the Bee colonies as well as a chapter with gifts from the animal kingdom.

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