Faith Paired With Common Sense!

Faith Paired With Common Sense!



Sometimes it may happen that we run too fast through our life experiences, too fast for FAITH to intervene and to support us.

This happened to me recently even though I live with a strong faith since childhood. While I was trying to “force” things to happen, my mind and body got tired and lower in energy levels. I observed me entering in a spiral of the opposite of my intentions, even though I took care of myself, set my goals and took the necessary steps as well as pauses. I felt that nothing of that what I desired in my actual situation happened. Imagine a pond; Peaceful yet there was no movement, no matter the effort I put into it.

Then, as sent by source, a friend showed up. I had not communicated with him for at least two years. His presence reminded me of a tool we share in common: energy clearings!  Common sense as every thought, situation and people in our life vibrate energy for our good when its positive and for the bad when its negative. Thus to keep our frequency high, which maintains our mental and physical health we require to clear our energy field regularly.

I started to do a profound auric clearing and a clearing of thoughts, persona´s and energy cords. Amazingly, the positive effect started the next day already with clarity of mind and positive solutions for different situations in my life. Also, the tension, which I had felt lately in my shoulders disappeared. I literally felt lighter!

So, dear reader, whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, politician, athlete, therapist, coach, artist, woman, man, parent, … this may concern e v e r y b o d y;  If you resonate with what I described above, the feeling of not moving forward, or maybe you perceive that life is a struggle or you feel tired, overwhelmed, fearful or depressed, then think of Faith with Common Sense and book an energetic clearing session to BOOST YOUR HEALTH AND VITALITY at

With faith and love,

Sylvia Dokter, vital health consultant.