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I am so happy that you landed on this site and I am sure you are ready to take your personal growth and life to a whole new level, become a role model for our future generations and change the perception as well as the experience of the menopause into the Me, Nó Pause lifestyle!  AND realize that this is the best stage of your life!

Menopause is, according to many, the sign that life as a woman, is pretty much over.

Moreover, menopause is linked with many commonly held myths and beliefs:


  • Do you feel anxious by aging and see your future self as a declined woman?
  • Do you think that your libido diminishes after 50?
  • Do you think that you are too old to be sexy?
  • Do you feel unhappy even while happily married and with enough material abundance?
  • Do you feel your inner worrying machine works overtime?

These are just some of the many thoughts women may experience.

If you can resonate with at least one of these questions, congratulations. You are right where you are required to be and you will find all the support you are looking for!

First of all know that the myth that “life stops after the menopause” is a lie! Whether you are single, married or in a relationship, no matter who you are, no matter what role you have in the world,  almost every woman shares this experience called menopause and will go through a period of transition, a rite of passage, toward maturity, freedom, wisdom and elegance!! How you experience this time of transition depends the level of thoughts and perceptions, education, as well as the life and career experiences of each woman. Moreover, the amount of self-growth, inner healing and personal development the woman has done before is also a relevant factor in this process.

In my personal journey, when I approached 50, in spite of the fact that during a checkup my medical doctor advised me to take chemical hormones in order to “prevent the menopause problems”, I chose the decision that this next stage would be the best stage of my life without taking any chemical hormones, and so it became!! I did research, acknowledged that I required support on mental and energetic level and took action.  I enrolled in many studies and trainings, which enabled me to explore, heal and let go of past experiences and patterns on deep subconscious levels. I am sure that due to the inner work I did, the period of hot flashes only lasted three weeks.  Moreover, some of the changes I noticed were:

  • My libido increased and as a single woman I enjoyed the freedom of choice
  • I appreciated the self-care without feeling guilty
  • I became myself without feeling the need to prove myself to anyone
  • I became more vital and healthy than I was at 30 without any chemical or medical intervention
  • I embraced growing older as graceful, sensual and fun

The motivator to continue my work/study/teaching/exploring the menopause life was thanks to my daughter who told me “Seeing how you live your life at 50 I look forward to grow older”. I think this is the most important validation I have received in my life. This was not only my daughter talking also I realized this was the future speaking, giving voice to the legacy I desire to leave the future generations.

Since making this choice, to give voice to a new future for women, I have had the privilege to successfully support other women during this time of transition through online programs, live events and one on one consultations. Moreover, the tools and study material offered in my services are those I have experienced and studied myself and thus I know THEY DO WORK!
Today it may be your turn to bring your life to a whole new level and it will be my honor and pleasure to guide you on your journey!

Whether you choose or not to use my services and by now your intuition will have guided you toward that choice, I wish you to experience your life unfolding into an everyday blossoming of fabulousness, vitality and grace.

With love,
Sylvia Dokter

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