Hi I am Sylvia

Since I entered the Golden Years, physically, mentally and spiritually, I have never felt better in my life. Many women view the “Golden Years” as a kind death sentence of bingo games and travel with senior citizens. I view menopause as a door way to even more vitality, even more joy, even more engagement with life. I love supporting and transmitting this experience of health and the Me, Nó Pause lifestyle to as many women as possible.​

50 Became the magic number, that measured how far I had traveled and ahead, were unlimited possibilities. I travel frequently between the Caribbean and Europe. I am the mother of a beautiful adult daughter. I worked with the best mentors of the world, I love the many projects I choose to work on to serve and contribute, I live with joy and vitality, count my blessings and oh yes, I love to dance.

In the professional environment I am known as a vital lifestyle consultant and trainer, a quantum life coach, an author and an alternative therapy practitioner who combines ancient wisdom with modern knowledge and intuition. I have been called a catalyst for vitality and joy and an extreme lover of life!

My life has been a journey of lessons and great opportunities; a rite of passage that has earned me the right to teach and coach successfully today in the different programs, private consultations and trainings I offer. All the tools and study material offered in my services and trainings are those I have experienced and studied myself and thus I know they DO WORK! I feel truly blessed to share these teachings and skills.

Here is a little bit about my background; I was born in the Netherlands.  At 19 after high school I decided to go to Paris. There I studied sociology at university followed by a professional career in the corporate world (international trade), a world I left after a personal experience with burnout. Later I understood the blessing of this process, as I was directed to alternative healing, growth and self-discovery.

During my life journey I was told I had osteoporosis, that I should take chemical hormone replacement to ease my way into and through Menopause.  To each of these traditional medical treatments, I said thank you and no.  I chose a different set of outcomes.  I did not accept “osteoporosis and the physical and mental discomforts of menopause as my future.  Instead, I made a different choice. 
I understood the power and self-responsibility we have to direct our life by the choices that are presented to us. I am sure that if I had followed the diagnoses with the medication, I would not have been in the state I am today!

I know my own journey has not finished and every day is an opportunity to grow, every relationship a teaching, every situation or emotional reaction a mirror, and every woman I have the privilege to support toward fulfillment in the Golden Years is a blessing in my life! This is my fuel and motivation for a Me, Nó Pause vital lifestyle, I am aware of the importance and responsibility of the role modeling the women have for the daughters and granddaughters. That one day in the future, the term older is not the end of desire, joy, and vitality, and the term menopause does not even exist anymore.