Re-boot Your Health and Vitality with a distant Auric Energy Field Clearing

This session, a 60 min energy boost  from distance is included in all packages and can be booked individually.

The aura is the unseen electro-magnetic field that surrounds our physical body. It holds the information about your physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Did you ever wonder why you feel drained and exhausted after going to a big exhibition? This is because your aura absorbed other people´s energies without you knowing it and requires to be cleansed. The same as brushing our teeth or taking a shower is a daily habit, the auric clearing needs to be done periodically to release it from any negative energy.

It is common sense to do energy clearings regularly since we live among 7 billion people in a collective pot of thoughts and emotions being wrapped by electromagnetic smog and pollution, which affect our energy field daily.

Upon receipt of your investment we will schedule the session.  It is required to lay down and rest during the time of the session. The session is done remotely; It doesn´t matter where you live in the world, I will connect with your energy field via the unified (quantum physics) field. After the session it is recommended to drink plenty of water to support the integration and further cleansing.