The Mother Energy: A Beyond Lifetime Bonding

The Mother Energy: A Beyond Lifetime Bonding


The first relationship we have in our life is the one with our mother. The quality of the experience of this relationship affects all of our present and future relationships whether with our life partner, children or at work. Our mother is the one holding us in her womb, and then in her arms upon birth and the one most men and women, call out for when we leave this plane.

This month, May, we bring conscious focus to the celebration of the Mother energy.

Do you long to re-establish, deepen, or awaken within you the unconditional love, inner safety and compassion which flow unendingly from an awakened connection to the Mother Energy?  To celebrate this energy, I am offering private (online) sessions to deepen, and renew the connection and bond with the Mother.  These sessions will be a 30 min coaching session where I will be guiding you to energetically heal, restore, renew and celebrate the bonding with your mother. You will witness an invisible ripple effect for positive and transformational changes in all areas of our life.

The sessions are available for women as well as for men – I have space for 12 sessions per week during the month of May. Are you interested? Click on the link below. First come are the first served!!

Yes, the investment for this special offer during May is low, the effect is high!!

(For June I will honor the father energy and offer an opportunity to (re)connect with the Father Energies).

With love,